Pay anyone in Africa

Settle sends payments to anywhere within Africa. Banks. Mobile Money.

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Secure & Safe

All transactions are highly secured and fully encrypted, to prevent being intercepted.

Clean & Simple

Anyone can use Settle to send payments within Africa to individuals & businesses.

Realtime & Reliable

Instant transactions. Our channels are highly reliable and always available.

Multi channel

Built for you & me.

Our platform is multichannel and has RESTFUL API support that is easy to integrate.

  • Individuals & Governments.
  • Businesses & Banks.
  • Developers & Merchants.
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How to Send on Settle.

  • 1
    Create Account
    Email/Phone number and Password. That is all you need to start.
  • 2
    Send Payments
    No wallets! No middlemen! We send directly to Banks/MobileMoney.
  • 3
    Confirm Payment
    Share the receipt and inform them to confirm the payment on their Bank/MobileMoney.



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We provide money sending services from anywhere in Africa to anywhere in Africa.

Simply start sending money. No wallet, no additional requirements. Initiate a transfer and we deliver in seconds.

We send it directly to the Bank Account or Mobile Money account you provided as the receiver.

You and your receiver do not need any wallet on Settle.

Not much and arguably the cheapest possible payment system.

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We are always working towards a greater africa.

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